From transparent to very watery and very thick in the paint, the artworks takes on depth and intensity. You see brushstrokes, impressions of, among other things, glare and reflection of sunlight under water. Fish shapes and other animal shapes move between the different organic shapes of rocks, corals and aquatic plants. It shows an abstract diorama inspired by the living (underwater)world.

The paintings are applied on both sides of a plexiglass surface. They are built up layer by layer and also contain empty spaces. Through these empty spaces you also can see the painting on the other side. Every painting therefore has two fronts. So in total there are four fronts to be seen.

NEW: The concept of ‘a painting’ has been transformed into a 3D art object. An abstract, impressionistic work of art that you can view from all sides, 360° painting.


Art can stimulate dialogue *, stimulate light or heavy conversations and thoughts that lead to new enriching insights. Art can also provide you direction, strength or comfort. It is not always easy and sometimes requires persistence from the viewers and the artist before it touches hearts and thus makes stronger people.

Experience art online and offline, on the street, in a gallery, in a museum, at work or at home. And be aware of the new dialogues, the insights and the intrinsic richness that you gain through art. ABOVE THE SURFACE

* Dialogue: discuss art with yourself and with others. Search together for new insights with mutual respect.




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